Hi again, my name is Jason Downey, I am an avid traveler, a Penetration Tester for Red Siege, a favorite uncle of twelve kids, and a habitual giver of free pizza.

I obtained my Masters of Science degree in Cybersecurity & Information Awareness from Western Governor's University. (WGU) I hold the following certifications: GPEN, GCIH, CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CEH, CHFI, Linux+, Network+, A+.

I am currently a Penetration Tester for Red Siege, who is drinking from a firehose trying to keep up with smart people. Giving talks is rapidly becoming a passion, and I am looking forward to delivering more content to help people grow in the information security space.

I am a big fan of Muay Thai, motorcycle riding, and hanging out in Southeast Asia. When I need to relax you will catch me playing Legend of Zelda, movie watching, or eating ice cream. I am a big kid at heart and actually kid sized.

The world is a pretty big place and I want to see all of it. In an effort to explore as much of it as I can I stay on the road most of the time. Over the last several years I have hitchiked across the United States twice, lived in Japan for nearly a year, spent 18 months off and on in Thailand, as well spent time in Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, and Colombia.

I honestly love to meet people. Let's network, let's swap stories, let's be friends. Feel free to reach out to me and we can do something awesome together. Check out my social media links below or email me directly here.